The LAB is our Young Adult Ministry small group system to help integrate our Sunday message throughout the week. We don’t want to just be hearers of the Word, but doers of the Word. LAB is the place where we get to practice and work out these things for better application. We invite our members to join a group as we grow together.


Content of lab

The point of Lab is not necessarily a bible study but a small number community group. The focus is on applying the message that was preached that week to our lives with members we meet up consistently.


Who is Lab for?

Lab is for all members of WJBC who want to join with other brothers and sisters that want to grow together. We highly recommend Lab as a great starting point to entering the next level in community at WJBC.


How do I sign up?

Lab is an organically formed ministry. There is not a specific process to sign up but if you contact the leader of a Lab group, they’ll be ready to accommodate you.