What's Your Story? Reflecting on Who We Are From our Beginnings


What’s Your Story | Opening of a New Sermon Series

We are starting a brand new Sermon Series today. But it feels bigger than that. Because this sermon series is actually our theme for the first half of the year. We are starting a brand new theme for the first half of 2019. But it’s even bigger than that! It’s the start of a brand new chapter of WJBC’s history. Things are quite exciting. We have exciting news coming up. LAB groups are going to start at the end of Jan. Winter Retreat is coming up. And we want to keep you guys updated on everything that is beginning. Pretty soon, we are actually going to hand out little booklets to you guys that will have information on what we are planning. We even wrote out every sermon topic that we are going over this year.

So it’s a new Sunday, a new series, a new theme, but also a new chapter.

The fascinating thing is that God chooses to communicate to us in this way as well. The Bible starts, “In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth.” He teaches us the story of our history with God. The Gospels are written as stories. Jesus teaches in parables, stories. God continually speaks in stories because we understand and experience life as a story.

Together, let’s figure out who we are, how God made us, what God is personally teaching us in our lives, and finally what God is doing in the lives of other people. And I am really really really excited to start this new year with you all, because I am excited for everyone to get to know each other’s story.

Questions for Reflection

1. What is your story?

  • What’s your ‘Beginning’?

  • Where did you grow up? Where is home? How did that effect you?

  • What was your family life like?

  • What are some circumstances that shaped you early on?

2. What are some fears you have because of your Beginning?

3. What are some values that you have because of your Beginning?

4. Are there certain things in your past that you are idolizing and allowing to identify you?

5. What are some ways you can bless others (or relate to others) because of your past?

Feel free to journal and meditate on these questions as you revisit your beginning and understand who you are and how you were shaped from the chapters of your story. Remember, that this beginning DOES NOT define and/or identify who you are, but simply played a part in shaping who you’ll become.

We encourage you to ask these questions with your peers and help understand their story—in that you’ll find a new way to love them and bring value to them.

Each One Teach One.