Each Member a Minister


Last year, we focused on bringing other together—reaching out instead of focusing on others reaching in. We wanted to touch each person and know that they are valued and they are loved. Uniting the body of Christ and pushing forward for Christ was our goal to be a strong and loving family. This year, we want to equip each member with the tools and skills to become a minister to their own worlds.

Whether you’re a student, film maker, house wife, sister, brother, mother, paramedic, or any role in your live, each of you walk in a different world in which the light needs to shine so that others knows that Christ is there. Each walk can be difficult, more than others, but we want to focus on teaching and showing what it means to be a minister. We want to show what values, thoughts, and actions make a great minister.

As each step you make forward, we hope to grow you as a strong Christian leader to walk in the darkness as the Salt and Light.

Brian PhetmeuangmayComment