An Appreciation for Our Pastors

Written by Pastor Daniel Yoon

"We ask you, brothers, to respect those who labor among you and are over you in the Lord and admonish you, and to esteem them very highly in love because of their work. Be at peace among yourselves."
1 Thess 5:12-13

Happy Tuesday everyone!! 🙂 I hope you all remember the importance of Gospel Foundation, Gospel Goal, and Gospel Love!!!

I was scrolling through Facebook and I saw that the Sola Network published and article. When I read through it, I was really blessed and I really wanted to help live it out!!

Have you ever felt burnt out living as Salt and Light? Have you ever felt like you were trying to live spiritually and faithfully but people did not appreciate your efforts, join your passion, or respond to your heart? Have you ever felt the burden of living for Christ and helping others live for Christ?

If you answered yes, then maybe you can imagine what life is like as a pastor. Pastors carry the burden of responsibilities, expectations, and consistency. Pastors are ordinary people who are often asked to live extraordinarily spiritual lives. They carry the burden of their own personal walk with God and they nervously try to lead other people in their walk with God. Their ministries is often seen as a reflection of their spiritual life and they carry many burdens and expectations. They endure rejection, failure, shame, exhaustion while trying to respond in a Christ honoring way.

Here at WJBC we have incredible people helping us each week, everyday. I want to help you appreciate the pastors! Please please please remember to thank and support them!!

Pastor Edward has invested so much of his life into WJBC. He does everything for us and he has one of the biggest hearts I have ever seen. I wish you guys could truly know how much he always does for you guys. He is always thinking of your needs and your pains. He checks on all the ministries and even runs training for our ministry leaders. He does all of this while also working a full time job!! You really have no idea how much he sacrifices for all of you. We are blessed to have him. Take time to thank him and appreciate him!!

Pastor David has faithfully been serving our church in every way possible. Whether it is through praise, preaching, youth ministry, media, missions, homie. David gives his whole heart to all these things while also working and studying as a student. He always serves with joy and excitement and love. David has given a lot to serve you guys. David always gives 110%!!! All of you have felt the joy working with him. Take time to thank him and appreciate him!!

Pastor Noah has become one of the main leaders of our church. He now oversees College Ministry while also helping out in Youth and in Mission Prep. Noah has an infectious love for the Lord and people. He is so kind hearted and genuine. As a minister, he is loving and dependable. He always brings a caring heart to all that he does. He is a loving and kind man of faith and knowledge. Noah is working at Biola and studying as a student in Talbot. Take time to thank him and appreciate him!!

Pastor Louis was one of the first members of our church. He came with a heart to serve as has matured that great heart over the years. Louis is extremely faithful and constant. He will always show up and support. More than anything, Louis is a truly consistent Christian through all seasons. He is trustworthy friend and responsible minister!! Take time to thank him and appreciate him!!

I want to put the spotlight on these pastors. Since I am usually preaching and teaching, I get a lot of attention, a lot more than the other pastors do. So please encourage and appreciate and recognize all that they do 🙂 🙂 also remember to thank and encourage your ministry leaders.

I love this church so much and I love my pastoral coworkers so much. Let's strengthen our joy by appreciating them!! 🙂


This article was written today by The Sola Network. It is what made me write this. Thank you everyone for your love and support!!

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